I [heart] Valentine’s

Here’s a funny Valentine for you, my readers, on this very special day. It’s always held a place in my heart – not because it’s a prescribed day for lovers, or that the world turns a curious shade of rouge, or even that chocolate can be had at every turn. But because I’ve always felt a bit of ownership.

My birthday is February 15, see. I missed the 14th by a mere two hours and 59 minutes (to be exact).

So today, and every Valentine’s Day, I feel aligned and on fire – with life. I feel a new year dawning. I feel excited about what’s to come.

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Episode 002: Brad Montague

In this episode of the Brand New Ways podcast, I talk to Kid President creator Brad Montague about stories with heart, the wisdom of children, and our responsibility to give the world a reason to dance.

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Episode 001: Father Gregory Boyle

On this, the inaugural episode of the Brand New Ways podcast, I talk to Jesuit priest and founder of Homeboy Industries, Father Gregory Boyle, about the sound of community trumping gang, the notion of no matter whatness, and the power of our kinship with each other. “Father G” is a masterful storyteller, as you’ll hear in the interview. For more, check out his New York Times Bestselling book Tattoos on the Heart.

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Think and wonder, wonder and think.

Dr. Seuss


Citi Bike Turns 100 (Days old)

When on assignment recently in New York, I took full advantage of the new Citi Bike offer. Back and forth on the Brooklyn Bridge, as part of my daily commute from Brooklyn Heights to SoHo, I fell truly, madly, deeply in love. So I’m thrilled to see today’s FastCo piece illustrating its success story (so far).

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Mover and Shaker

It’s so charming to see an earnest offer in our mega-branded world.

The side panels of this repurposed truck present a straightforward question in script: “Do you need me to help you move across the city?” It’s as direct as it gets. No slogan, no logo, not even a color palette. Just an implied solution to a common need.

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What do you get when you combine a water-spouting lion with astroturf and brightly colored plastic flowers? A gem of a first impression that makes you go hmmm.

PS: I really dig the digital house numbers.


All Tricked Out

You’ve got to admire the people who really go for it come trick or treating time of year. My uncarved trio of white and “fairytale” pumpkins atop my front stairs are an embarrassment of minimalism compared to the outdoor spectacles I’ve spotted about town.

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Super Bowie

I was so excited to make it to Toronto for the opening of David Bowie is a few weeks ago, as I tried my damndest while in London last spring (to no avail) to get into its “record-breaking run” at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

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Ceci n’est pas un bouncy house

Nor is it an Astrojump. Or a Jolly Jump. And certiamente not a ‘Brinca Brinca’.

Driving this morning through San Rafael, California, I was struck by this Ronald McDonald-colored tent. At first I thought it was a kids’ bouncy castle – the lovable inflatable of many names – until I noticed it was wrapped around a property with a big ol’ SOLD sign. My excitement was fast replaced by shock as my husband tells me it’s a fumigation rig. WTF? Who thought it was a good idea to make these toxic sites look like playgrounds?

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