Hi there! Jen Len here. I’m a journalist, author, and host of the Brand New Ways podcast. If I had a resume it would also list the following: magazine writer, radio broadcaster, design thinker, brand strategist, storyteller, and rock critic.

For the past 10 years, I was a Senior Design Lead and Creative Strategist at global innovation consultancy IDEO, where my projects ran the gamut: from service and brand to products and environments; and my clients included big-hitters like Nike, AT&T, Marriott, Visa, Equinox, Itaú, and Renault. I’m now available for consulting work with entrepreneurs, start-ups, big brands and agencies in need of a refresh.

I constantly marvel at human ingenuity, our creative potential, and the patterns across cultures that unite us. I’m passionate about seizing, and helping others see, the magic (and comedy) of life as we’re living it. Why? Because life seems almost designed to make us forget it.

Fun facts
  • I [heart] treasure hunts, flea markets, and vintage clothing shops.
  • I adore travel, languages, words and signs. See my Found Signs archive and Instagram feed using #foundsignbyjen.
  • I’m a certified aromatherapist and kundalini yoga teacher-in-training.
  • I interned at Rolling Stone while pursuing my Master’s degree in Journalism.
  • I interviewed Björk when I worked at Details magazine.
  • I know how to calculate and interpret your astrology chart. (My mom schooled me young.)
  • I’m a self-help nerd and was embarrassed about it until recently; now I see that it’s not dissimilar to design.
  • I’m a Blue Noser! (9th generation Nova Scotian.)
  • I danced ballet, tap and jazz for 10 years growing up, then went on to teach cardio funk through high school and university years. To this day, my brother says I’m “always groovin.” He’s right.