23: Timothy Goodman


In this episode, I talk to designer, illustrator and art director Timothy Goodman about Lena Dunham, Chris Rock, Kanye West as a disruptive innovator, personal mentors as catalysts for discovering your life’s work, and breaking out of boxes that limit you.

“If it feels too ridiculous or too scary, then I know I’m onto something.”

—Timothy Goodman

Timothy recently exhibited his artworks from “Memories of A Girl” at Colette in Paris, collaborated with Jessica Walsh on 40 Days of Dating, and wrote Sharpie Art Workshop: Techniques & Ideas for Transforming Your World.


Photos: Timothy hand-lettering FlexFit 2Pac mural. Quotes on Shit, by Timothy Goodman and Jessica Walsh. Memories of A Girl, by Timothy Goodman. All images courtesy Timothy Goodman.

Show Opener: Salt-n-Pepa, Pharrell Williams (with Justin Timberlake), Melanie and Kanye West (feat. Rhymefest)
Highly Suspicious – My Morning Jacket
Greenfield Morning/Seed of Joy/Life is a Struggle – RZA & Yoko Ono
Colette – Orchestra Baobob
Go Your Own Way – Fleetwood Mac
On Sight – Kanye West
All My Love – Led Zeppelin
Show Closer: DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, Tricky, Dusty Springfield and Isaac Hayes

Reading List
Sharpie Art Workshop: Techniques and Ideas for Transforming Your World, by Timothy Goodman
40 Days of Dating: An Experiment, by Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman
The Fountainhead, by Ayn Rand
The Autobiography of Malcolm X: As Told to Alex Haley, by Malcolm X and Alex Haley
Significant Objects, by Jason Grote

Watch List
40 Days of Dating

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  1. Mama says:

    Having a wonderful afternoon…listening to a number of your Podcasts…catching up and feeding my creative soul with your very interesting “designers!” Your interview with Timothy Goodman was very broadening! Loved his honesty and ability to share his innermost thoughts and feelings with others (Twitter). While this takes “Courage”…it is revealing and must be very “freeing.” Therapy, at its best! I loved the quote: “What lies in the particular, is Universal!” Very profound! Love to know his birthdate & time. Must have Scorpio♏️ Ifeatured, strongly, somewhere in his “Natal Chart”….intensity, passion, depth, commitment and the desire to probe beneath the surface of things,in order to discover what makes others “tick” as well as himself. Interesting guy!

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