Massive Change is a book I co-authored with Bruce Mau about the future of global design (not the world of design but the design of the world).

It showcases in-depth interviews with visionaries across disciplines, providing evidence of human ingenuity and distributed problem-solving the world over. In response to the question, “Now that we can do anything, what will we do?,” this text is a representation of the collective intentions and effects of those working towards the greater global good. Get it here!

“Nothing less than a design for life.”

—Art Review

“The most unusual design book of the year … This is in-depth thinking.”

—Financial Times

“Enormous in its scope, Massive Change is a wake-up call to everyone concerned with the ‘sustainability’ of the human race on earth. Incredible!”

—The Architectural Review

“With impeccable artistic contributions … and informed articles, Massive Change muses on the trends that will shape this century.”


“A well-argued, well-illustrated and indeed inspiring book that breaks from the usual mold.”


“Sings like an ode to sustainable development.”

—Dazed & Confused

“With 250 color and 50 B&W photos in a fractally chaotic layout, and a text that speaks in affirmative sound bites, this book offers a vision of the world in a package designed to get readers excited about stoves that burn peanut shells, superlight gels that can protect flowers from flame, and plants and microbes that turn open sewers into water supplies. It succeeds beautifully.”

—Publishers Weekly