How can we work together?

Thanks for asking! I’m available for strategic consulting (design and brand), speaking at your event, moderating panel discussions, workshop facilitation, and teaching. As I’m always in the process of cooking up new content, be sure to sign up in the sidebar to receive updates. They’re FREE!

Can you speak at my upcoming event?

Quite possibly, if mission and dates align. See my speaking page and get in touch for rates.

Are you available to teach a class, seminar, workshop at my art or design or business school, special event, conference or workplace?

Sure! I love interacting with groups and facilitating the creative process, no matter what the context. Drop me a line with more details.

I love your Brand New Ways podcast and I have the perfect person for you to interview. Can I suggest someone?

By all means. I’d love to diversify and evolve the pool of change makers and rule breakers on my show. Everyone’s invited to the party, so RSVP.

What about all those radio interviews you did when researching and writing Massive Change? Can I access these online?

In fact, yes. Finally! You can easily subscribe to the archive in iTunes, download and listen to your liking.

Finally, since I ask these questions to all my show guests, it’s only fair I turn them on myself, so here goes…
When do you know you have a good idea?

I get really, really excited and feel a swell of energy rise through my insides. I’m usually moving when it happens, outdoors, or listening to music. I also get the urge to speak my A-ha moments aloud, as though I’ve come upon something worth sharing.

In our noisy world, what’s the one thing you make a point of paying attention to?

I can’t help but take notice of the (often overlooked) ways we communicate with each other, especially through signs in the everyday world – be they big billboards, marquees, handmade posters, bumper stickers, bathroom graffiti or even T-shirt slogans. I’m a magnet to language, and I always seem to be searching for meaning and finding delight in wordplay, misspellings, innuendo and cheeky puns.

Book, film or album that has made a significant impact on you/your life?

I love this question because it forces an answer that doesn’t even begin to represent all the influences that shape us. It’s so tough to narrow down! But I’ll play along —

BOOK: The Teachings of Don Juan, by Carlos Casteneda

FILM: Flashdance

ALBUM: I’m going to break the rules and list three. Celebration, by Kool and the Gang (since it was my first 7″); Goo, by Sonic Youth; and Paul’s Boutique, by Beastie Boys

If you could make it so, what’s your next dream project?

Writing my next book, easily, effortlessly, and to high acclaim!

If you could make any change in the world, what would it be?

I’d ensure no child (or adult for that matter) ever lost his or her sense of wonder or capacity to dream.

If you could break any rule, what would it be?

Any rules that say you have to do something a certain way because “that’s the way it’s always been done.” Screw that! I stand for human ingenuity and our capacity to change.

I have a question for you that’s not on this FAQ?

Send me an email and I’ll do my best to answer in upcoming blog posts or newsletters. Your questions motivate me, so bring ‘em on.